Abstract Submission

Abstract Submissions for Poster Presentations

The Summer Symposium in Molecular Biology will include 2 poster sessions. Below are instructions on formatting and submitting an abstract.

Abstract Submission Deadlines

  • Deadline for receipt of electronic abstracts for poster presentations is July 1, 2020, by 5:00 pm Eastern Standard Time. Abstracts received after this date will not be considered for a poster presentation nor will be included in the Conference Proceedings Booklet.
  • All requests for poster presentations submitted by the deadline will be reviewed.
  • Carefully read all formatting requirements.  Those who submit abstracts not complying to the requirements may not have their abstract considered.

Abstract Formatting:

Your abstract needs to be formatted accordingly in order for your abstract to be considered for either poster presentation.

  • Abstract submissions are limited to one page.
  • Entitle the filename of your abstract “YOUR LAST NAME_Symposium2020.doc”.
  • Microsoft Word files are to be submitted.
  • You can submit your abstract by accessing the form via the link at the bottom of the page.
  • Make sure to select Times Roman font, size 12 pt when writing your abstract.
  • Abstract Title: The title should be concise and informative. Avoid superfluous words such as “preliminary studies on” etc.
  • IMPORTANT – Abstract Authorship: Please underline the presenting author in the list of authors. Only one abstract can be presented per attendee.
  • Abstract Content: The abstract should educate the reader by clearly stating the originality of the work and its specific conclusions. It is NOT appropriate to state: “The results will be discussed.” All abstracts will be reviewed by the conference organizers but will not be edited. Carefully proofread your abstract for errors. Tables and figures are permitted in the abstract.
  • If you must withdraw your abstract (and a co-author is not able to make the presentation in your place), please contact the conference coordinator by email at symposium@psu.edu

**Please be sure to register to attend the conference prior to submitting an abstract.